Programm vom 9. September 2021

«Customer Insights»


Willkommen & Intro

From Why to What, the lifecycle of an experience

Paulo Azevedo – Head of Client Experience

When an organization wants to deliver great new products, a strong vision is necessary to bring everyone together to achieve that goal. I will give you some insights around our internal design process, the involvement of clients when designing a solution, but also show you how the strong collaboration across UX, POs and REs, and a many other internal teams, were able to transform a vision into reality.

Paulo is a Director, Head of Client Experience at Credit Suisse. He works at the bank since 2013 and in 2017 was one of the founding members of the Client Experience team. During this time he learned a lot how to establish a UX capability in large organizations and how to foster a culture change shift to a more client-centric way of thinking and working. He and the team he leads are in charge of the topics of Design Thinking, UX Design and UX Research for the Swiss Universal Bank division of Credit Suisse.

Actionable Customer Insights with Jobs-to-be-done

Andreas von Criegern

JTBD is changing the way we look at customer needs. The basic idea of JTBD is, that people do not buy products or services – they rather hire them to solve their problems and, thus, to achieve progress in their lives. As soon as teams understand the underlying job-to-be-done as well as how customers measure progress, teams can identify opportunities for successful innovation and develop targeted, customer-focused solutions.

Founder of Copernicon Strategy & Innovation Guest lecturer at ZHAW for CX Management Author of „Das JTBD Handbuch“.

Remote Creativity – What we learnt (Deutsch)

Adrian Wüthrich & Oli Stein (Product Owner | Experience Designer)

Seit über einem Jahr arbeiten viele von uns aus dem Homeoffice. Das daily business funktioniert soweit gut. In vielen Fällen sogar besser. Wie aber schaffen wir es neue Ideen oder Innovationen von Zuhause aus zu erschaffen und erfolgreich auf den Weg zu bringen. Wir haben die neue My Swisscom App aus dem Homeoffice lanciert und führen regelmässig kreative Session durch, um neue Ideen umzusetzen. Sind wir damit erfolgreich? Nicht immer, aber wir haben viel gelernt. Was wir gelernt haben, zeigen wir an der Konferenz.

Adrian Wüthrich Ich habe als Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter bei der ZHAW und als Content Creator gearbeitet bevor ich zur Swisscom gewechselt habe. Seit 4 Jahren bin ich Produkt Owner und war für 3 verschiedenen Service Produkte verantwortlich. Aktuell bin ich PO für die My Swisscom App.

Oliver Stein Experience Designer