Ken Sandy

KEYNOTE: Five Steps to Define the Right Product (EN)

Poor requirements definition are a common point of conflict between product managers and engineers, and between stakeholders and product. Product blames engineering for a perceived lack of delivery. Engineering blames product for prioritizing overly prescriptive, low-impact initiatives which may later be de-scoped. Priorities lacking in clear business purpose may even be overruled by stakeholders. Turn the paradigm around. Use contextually-rich, hypothesis-led, outcome-driven opportunity frameworks to create clarity of the focus problem to be solved and empower a motivated team to unleash their creativity on a solution.

Short Bio

Ken’s a senior technology Product Management exec from the SF Bay Area including online education companies, MasterClass and (Linkedin Learning). He pioneered the first Product Management course offered in the Engineering school at UC Berkeley, which has over 600 PM alumni practicing in industry, and recently released “The Influential Product Manager – How to Lead and Launch Successful Technology Products” a guide to navigating the challenging collaborative aspects of the product manager’s role.